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IoT Asset Tracking Solutions for Port Logistics

LLenX, French IoT Solution Providers specializing in the creation of immersive Digital Twins dedicated to industrial sites, is utilizing the Oyster3 battery-powered GPS and G70 wired GPS to create a comprehensive and effective solution for monitoring powered and non-powered assets and materials in port and industrial environments.

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Optimizing Port Logistics with IoT

The task of tracking equipment and containers in ports can be highly challenging, primarily due to the enormous number of these assets that are frequently in motion across hundreds of square kilometers!

Relying on manual operations to track these assets can lead to errors, inaccurate data, and delays in locating the items. In addition, the lack of standardization in tracking systems across different ports and countries can cause confusion and difficulties in coordinating movements, while theft and misplacement of equipment and containers can result in significant delays and financial loss.

To address these challenges, LLenX has developed a solution that utilizes a range of IoT asset tracking devices that are designed to provide accurate location tracking and other valuable data for powered and non-powered assets and materials to optimize port logistics.

Oyster3 for Non-Powered Asset Tracking in Port Environments

Utilizing the Oyster3 battery-powered GPS, LLenX installs the device on non-powered assets to provide precise location (up to 10 centimeters with the LLenX tablet and sensor) thereby reducing the time and effort required for manual equipment searches. The Oyster3 also offers validation, for example, by ensuring that the correct bin is being used for unloading natural resources, which helps to prevent damage to equipment and materials.

The Oyster3 is designed to withstand even the harshest environments found within ports. The device’s IP68 and IK07-rated housing ensures that it can function reliably under extreme conditions, while 10-year battery life minimizes the need for frequent battery replacements. Furthermore, the user-replaceable batteries of the Oyster3 make it easy to maintain, ensuring that the device is always operational and ready to use when needed.

Oyster3 mounted on a crane grab.

“By combining Digital Matter IoT sensors with the LLenX solution, we can move from asset tracking to full activity supervision with interactive objects and better representation of your operations for optimized decision-making,” says Xavier Camilleri, CEO and Founder, LLenx.

Location Tracking and Sensor Monitoring with the G70

LLenX has also implemented the G70 wired GPS tracking device for various port logistics and management applications, complementing their use of the Oyster3.

Featuring 1 x Ignition Digital Input, 3 x Digital Inputs, 1 x Analog Input, 1 x Switched Ground Digital Output, and Switched Power Out, the G70 enables multiple use cases in port logistics and management, including remote water pump control, sensor monitoring for fire prevention, and monitoring crane movements.

LLenX is currently utilizing the G70 to provide 24/7 temperature monitoring of natural resource piles. The device is connected to a temperature sensor and external solar power to provide real-time alerts if the temperature starts to increase. This is especially useful for large piles of natural materials at ports that can easily catch fire in windy conditions. Prior to utilizing the G70, piles of natural resources had to be monitored manually across hundreds of kilometers.

G70 installed on a pile of natural resources.
G70 installed on a pile of natural resources.

The G70 is also used to track the positioning of cranes, allowing for better monitoring and control of their movements. Geofences are utilized to define the area in which a crane can move and trigger an audible alarm if it attempts to travel beyond a designated point, for example, when the crane is near a critical position. This ensures safety and helps with maintenance and repair of ground surfaces in specific zones.

By leveraging the flexibility of the G70, LLenX can also easily use this device for multiple port logistics and industrial applications, including remotely triggering events for water pump control, visual alarms, stop request, level measurements, emergency stops, and much more.

“The Oyster3 and G70 are highly versatile and effective solutions for port logistics and management,” says Mr. Camilleri. “These devices are very reliable and allow us to monitor and control assets in real-time, ensuring safety, and preventing potential hazards.”

For more information on LLenX solutions, visit www.llenx.fr/.

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