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Remote monitoring solutions: 3 main applications

Let’s say you’re the operations manager for a Fortune 500 construction firm. Your job? Oversee dozens of worksites scattered across the city, each a crowded hive of activity with expensive tools, machinery, and materials.

It sounds easy, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Keeping track of everything is generally a massive headache because assets go missing, environmental issues cause costly delays, and there’s always that nagging worry that something could go wrong when you’re not there in person.

Fortunately, modern technology offers a variety of remote monitoring solutions and trackers. These innovative tools are powered by the Internet of Things (IoT), a network of connected devices that can communicate with each other and the cloud to share information, status, and other things, keeping you in the loop 24/7.

In this article, we’re going to talk about remote monitoring solutions, the three types of monitoring we offer at Datanet IoT, and the incredible benefits these tiny devices can provide you and your company!

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What exactly are remote monitoring solutions?

In simple terms, they’re systems that combine hardware like sensors, trackers, and other gadgets with software to monitor the status, location, and environmental conditions of your assets and equipment from afar 24 hours a day.

This data gets transmitted wirelessly to a central platform a dashboard, giving you a comprehensive view of what’s happening on all your sites, no matter where you are.

Whether you need to track down those pesky jackhammers, precisely adjust temperatures in a climate-controlled warehouse, or keep tabs on buoys drifting in open waters, remote monitoring solutions provide invaluable insights and that precious peace of mind. 

And that’s where we at Datanet IoT come in.

Incredible remote monitoring solutions by Datanet IoT

what does a tracking device look like

Asset tracking

Misplaced tools, stolen equipment, constantly having to do inventory checks – those activities are bound to suck the life out of any operation faster than a black hole. With Datanet IoT’s asset tracking, however, you’ll always know exactly where your assets are and their condition.

Our tracking devices use a combination of GPS, RFID, and other wireless technologies to pinpoint assets with incredible accuracy, down to specific rolls, aisles, or even shelves if needed. Managing a busy warehouse, fleet of trucks, or construction site is made easy when you can see every piece of equipment on a slick dashboard or mobile app.

But it gets better! The system can automatically ping you if assets get moved without authorization or leave a designated geo-fenced area. Imagine getting an alert the second a forklift gets misplaced or a truck drives off with your skid loader – it’s similar to having an all-seeing, automated security guard embedded in every critical asset.

Asset maintenance is also a breeze since the trackers monitor usage and service metrics. You’ll know when machines are due for upkeep before anything catastrophic happens. No more surprises, no more scrambling, just perfectly synchronized asset management!

Remote monitoring solutions

Environmental monitoring

Temperature and humidity can make or break certain businesses. Slight fluctuations can ruin delicate products and materials (especially in the pharmaceutical field), create unsafe working conditions, and even destroy expensive equipment.

Our environmental monitoring solutions are like canaries in industrial coal mines of the past, except they screech valuable data instead of dropping dead. They will diligently monitor tiny variations in temperature, humidity, air quality, and other atmospheric conditions with precision no human could ever match.

For industries like manufacturing, food production, and data centers, this is crucial. Maintaining optimal moisture levels or temperatures within a strict range could mean the difference between a quality product and costly ruined batches. With Datanet IoT’s sensors, you can quickly spot problems and make adjustments on the fly before it’s too late.

Farmers will love the local environment tracking too. Soil moisture, temperature, humidity, and other information are the intel needed to maximize crop yields and growth, and they get delivered straight to the farmer’s devices. No more aimlessly watering and hoping for the best!

The sensors are also essential for businesses that must comply with strict regulations around workplace air quality or product storage conditions. The data creates an airtight record showing you followed protocols to the letter.

Carbon footprint tracker

Oceanographic equipment tracking

Monitoring at sea is like tracking assets on another planet – to call it hard would be an understatement. Ocean currents can carry buoys and other equipment miles off target, storms disrupt communications, and replacing lost equipment in those vast waters is a financial and logistical nightmare.

Thankfully, Datanet IoT’s oceanographic solutions are built to handle the chaos. Our long-lasting Oyster 3 trackers use a blend of GPS, cellular, and satellite technologies to keep tabs on location even when conditions are gnarly. You’ll know right away if something gets pushed off its path or picked up by a vessel thinking it’s salvage.

Being able to monitor marine equipment from far away in real time means less time wasted on maintenance and retrieval missions and more time analyzing data. Just like our other trackers, researchers can set custom alerts if an attached tracker drifts outside a boundary, so your team can respond quickly. This is great for mitigating damages and safely retrieving equipment in a crisis.

Oceanographic equipment rental

Practical benefits of remote monitoring solutions

While knowing where your assets are located and optimizing environmental conditions on the fly are obvious strengths, remote monitoring goes way beyond just basic tracking. The real-time data provided allows you to streamline operations and maximize productivity like never before.

Think about it: with a holistic visibility into equipment usage metrics, you can plan predictive maintenance schedules that prevent costly unplanned downtime. Upkeep teams know exactly when and where to deploy before minor issues spiral into major failures, so say goodbye to guesswork and reactive repairs cutting into your budget.

The environmental monitoring capabilities let you make granular energy usage adjustments too. Check the dashboard, identify areas wasting electricity on excessive heating/cooling, and adjust controls accordingly. Those tiny optimizations stack up to massive cost savings over time!

We’ve touched on how remote monitoring helps maintain compliance for regulated industries, but it can save lives as well. Let’s say one of the environmental sensors detects a gas leak in a facility. With remote monitoring, you’d receive an emergency alert instantly instead of waiting until the next manual inspection or an accident. Field teams can be deployed as soon as possible to investigate and contain the issue before it escalates.

Even something as simple as tracking equipment locations can enhance job site safety. If a tracker indicates a crane or other heavy machinery has unexpectedly moved from its designated area, you can restrict access before an incident occurs.

Last, but not least: do you remember those spreadsheets and hand-logged records? They’re a relic of the past thanks to remote monitoring solutions automatically documenting every single data point

It’s like having an infallible audit trail of when assets were serviced, what environmental control settings were active at a given time, or being able to collect information on carbon emissions, critical for compliance with the CSRD.

CSRD: Remote monitoring solutions


At this point, the benefits of remote monitoring solutions should be crystal clear. But, if you’re on the fence, just imagine how much more efficiently your operation could run if you had total clarity over every asset and environment.

With our comprehensive suite of tracking devices, you’ll gain a level of control and optimization that would make lesser operations feel green with envy. Things like wasteful practices, costly downtime, and compliance headaches will be much rarer thanks to the awesome power of data and IoT.

All in all, the future is already here! Don’t get left behind in the untracked wilderness – contact us at Datanet IoT today and discover how our remote monitoring solutions can launch your business into a smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable tomorrow.

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