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Where can I buy a tracking device for my business?

If you ever wonder “Where can I buy a tracking device?”, you are in the right place. You see, we all tend to jump to the worst-case scenario sometimes; it sounds counterproductive, but a little healthy catastrophizing can help us anticipate problems and prepare for the unexpected.

After all, who wants to imagine their car breaking down in the middle of nowhere with no spare tire? But, for business owners and C-level executives, this thinking can be particularly amplified regarding their valuable assets.

Imagine this: you’re the owner of a growing construction company juggling multiple job sites in your region. One morning, you get a call stating that your shiny $250,000 excavator has gone MIA from the downtown building site overnight. Just like that, a precious asset is missing, disrupting operations and cutting into profits.

Or let’s say you run a shipping company, and a refrigerated container full of temperature-sensitive chemicals has reported neither its location nor its temperature in over 6 hours. With no way to pinpoint where the delivery went off course, you’re facing potential regulatory penalties and the prospect of a costly shipment spoiling.

These are just two examples of situations businesses face when they lack real-time visibility into their assets’ locations and status. Thankfully, asset-tracking devices are here to help you out. 

In this article, we’ll explain where you can buy a tracking device for your business, why invest in them, and how we at Datanet IoT can supercharge your company.

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Where can I buy a tracking device for my business?

Where can I buy a tracking device
This is what your usual tracker looks like.

When it comes to purchasing asset-tracking devices, Datanet IoT should be your go-to source. 

Our extensive product catalog includes specialized trackers built from the ground up to withstand punishing conditions like high (or low) temperatures, moisture, impacts, and more.

These ruggedized devices use cutting-edge wireless technologies like GPS, satellite, RFID, and Bluetooth to ensure uninterrupted real-time visibility no matter where your assets get deployed.

From our user-friendly online store, you can browse the full lineup with detailed specs and quickly order the tracking devices suited for your applications!

But why invest in tracking devices in the first place?

The benefits of implementing a robust asset-tracking system are numerous and compelling enough that it should be a top-priority investment for any company with valuable mobile assets, equipment, or inventory. Blind spots and lack of real-time oversight may be the culprits behind costly inefficiencies, risks, and lost customer confidence.

At the most basic level, always knowing the precise location of your delivery vehicles construction equipment, shipping containers, or other assets prevents time and money wasted by staff searching for misplaced or stolen items.

Powerful geofencing and movement alerts can automatically notify you the second an asset leaves its designated operating zone or route, so there’s no more guesswork when assessing whether something was stolen or tampered with.

But basic track-and-trace is just the beginning. Intelligent asset trackers monitoring things like engine hours, motion, temperature fluctuations, and more enable a whole new level of predictive visibility. 

Equipment usage data allows for optimizing maintenance schedules to prevent downtimes and failures. Similarly, temperature monitoring ensures heated/cooled cargo maintains safe conditions, and onboard diagnostics can automatically ground vehicles before component issues escalate into a major road accident.

This visibility that IoT enables minimizes operational disruptions and costs while enabling smarter decisions that improve safety and utilization. 

For example, route planning for delivery fleets becomes more efficient by viewing real-time vehicle locations and progress, which also helps fight against climate change. Facilities can make targeted improvements to their climate control systems by analyzing detailed environmental data.

Finally, the massive data troves captured by these tracking devices are invaluable for organizations operating in highly regulated sectors (think of aviation, food production, healthcare, and so on.) Providing granular audit trails and proof of following through with compliant processes is essential to avoiding penalties and shutdowns that will cripple operations.

tracking assets factory
Buy a tracking device today!

How do I choose the right tracking device for my needs?

With a variety of tracking technologies, advanced sensor packages, and connectivity options available on the market, you need to evaluate your operational needs carefully before selecting a device. Taking a premature decision here might limit your assets’ visibility or trackers’ functionality down the road as your IoT demands evolve.

The very first thing you should consider is the asset type and its operating environment

For instance, construction companies often require a tracking device with rugged housings, impact and shockproof designs, and battery life optimized for the elements when tracking heavy machinery and tools at job sites. On the other hand, a long-haul trucking fleet will do better with slimmer trackers prioritizing wide-area cellular or satellite connectivity.

GPS tracking for trucking companies
Follow our tips to buy a tracking device without worries.

Your prioritized tracking objectives and data points are equally important for aligning capabilities.

A delivery company may only require basic GPS location and carbon emissions tracking, while a refrigerated cargo transporter will require integrated temperature monitoring and event alarms if thresholds are breached on top of the basics. An agriculture operation would want soil moisture/humidity and air quality sensors to assist with irritation.

Connectivity needs and infrastructure are other key factors. While cellular-based trackers are suitable for urban areas with coverage, assets frequently operating in rural areas require satellite or LPWAN support. You’ll also need to account for things like mobility – will these trackers move internationally, requiring global cellular subscriptions and roaming?

Last, but not least, you’ll need to assess their ease of use, integration abilities, and scalability, factors that are often overlooked, but critical for long-term success. Leading solutions provide clean user experiences with mapping, a user-friendly dashboard, custom alerts, and easy reporting. They can also integrate with existing enterprise systems via APIs!

How we at Datanet IoT can help your business

As outlined throughout this article, being able to peer into your assets’ real-time locations, conditions, and utilization data is invaluable for optimizing operations, reducing costs, ensuring compliance, and mitigating risks.

If you invest in a tracking device that is perfect for your needs, you’re bound to gain unprecedented levels of oversight and control. So – if you still wonder “Where can I buy a tracking device?”, you no longer have to.

At Datanet IoT, we provide the industry’s most advanced, reliable, and affordable tracking hardware paired with ongoing dedicated support. Our solutions include:

  • Asset tracking devices: our ultra-rugged long-lasting trackers can use GPS, cellular, satellite, or other wireless technologies to precisely monitor the location and movement of vehicles, equipment, tools, containers, and other valuable assets virtually anywhere they get deployed;
  • Oceanographic equipment tracking devices: designed to withstand punishing maritime conditions, our oceanographic trackers combine the aforementioned wireless features to maintain consistent location monitoring of buoys, drifters, autonomous vehicles, and other equipment even in the most remote waters;
  • Environmental monitoring devices: for businesses where ambient conditions are critical, our compact wireless sensors provide hyper-local monitoring of factors like air temperature, humidity, emissions, particulate matter, and more. From climate-controlled facilities to construction sites, these sensors can ensure optimal environmental parameters at all times.
Where can I buy a tracking device?
“Where can I buy a tracking device?” Here!

Our tracking solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing software, provide intuitive data visualization and custom reporting tools, and scale effortlessly as your operational needs evolve.

Don’t let the lack of 24/7 visibility of your most valuable assets and equipment disrupt your operations and profits any longer. Contact us at Datanet IoT right now to schedule a consultation, where our team of experts will assess your precise asset tracking requirements and design the perfect future-proof IoT solution to monitor, control, oversee, and optimize your business!

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